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Pinarello Corsa Bib Shorts - Men's Black, L

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Pinarello Corsa Bib Shorts - Men's Black, L Review

So far, I love my Pinarello Corsa Bib Shorts - Men's Black, L. I use it every day for my work and also at home. I could not chose worse compression shorts.

Pinarello Corsa Bib Shorts - Men's Black, L Description

Showing some appreciation for Italian cycling while you're riding your Dogma F8 doesn't have to come at the expense of practicality, and Pinarello's Corsa Bib Shorts make sure of that. Designed with a focus on in-saddle comfort, these bib shorts make a versatile addition to your wardrobe that you can reach for with confidence before a century or weekend group ride. Pinarello's Corsa line is shaped specifically to provide an ideal fit once you're in the saddle, with fabric panels arranged to supportively wrap around your muscles. Because of this, the bib shorts may not feel like they're sitting correctly while you're standing because the fit is extremely specific to a riding position. Once you're out riding, the shorts' mix of breathable, stretchy materials keep moisture at bay while maintaining their next-to-skin fit for the duration of your ride, while details like wide leg grippers make sure you won't spend your ride repeatedly trying to pull your slowly rising leg hems back to the edge of your tan lines. A Cirro OmniForm chamois complements the Corsa Bib Shorts with an arrangement of supportive, multi-density foam that acts as a barrier against painful saddle vibrations while maintaining breathability and moving with you as you pedal. Pinarello crafts the bib straps themselves with soft micromesh, which maintains its shape while still encouraging ventilation, and the bibs have a relatively open shape to accommodate a wide range of body types.