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TaylorMade Men's M1 430 Driver

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TaylorMade Men's M1 430 Driver Review

My best drivers EVER! I love everything from Taylor!

TaylorMade Men's M1 430 Driver Description

TaylorMade Men's M1 430 Driver Our longest driver, the M1 has a multi-material construction - featuring an ultra-thin, ultra-light and high-strength carbon composite crown - that unlocks breakthroughs in distance, playability, and feel for all golfers. Each golfer has a unique swing and in the past it's been challenging to provide ideal launch conditions to all player types with a single club. The construction of M1 allows better players to create the shot they want and other golfers, the shot they need. Loft Sleeve - A 4? (+/- 2?) , 12-position, sleeve for the golfers preference of face angle, loft and lie. Available Lofts: 8.5?, 9.5?, 10.5 ?, 12? The M1 Driver comes in 2 head models (460cc and 430cc) and 3 after-market stock shafts, designed for multiple swing types: High Launch (Fujikura Pro 60) Mid Launch (Mitsubishi KuraKage Tini Silver 60) Low Launch (Aldila Rogue Silver 70) Multi-Material Construction M stands for Multi-Material and it's the key that unlocks performance in M1. This construction is highlighted by our proprietary 7-layer Carbon Composite Crown that is precision-formed and built ultra-thin, ultra-lite and high strength to maximize weight savings. This addition has allowed us to build a weight-loaded sole and move overall clubhead weight (and, thus, the center-of-gravity) lower for a more efficient power transfer; giving golfers more ball speed.The Carbon Composite Crown as also allowed us to give golfers 25 grams of multi-directional adjustability, allowing them to personalize launch conditions - fit to their swing - and optimize ball-flight, trajectory and, ultimately, distance. T-Track System To make our longest, just that for a wide range of golfers, we needed to expand the settings to give golfers more options to personalize performance to fit their game. M1 features the revolutionary T-Track System that consists of both a Front and back track with 25 grams of adjustable weight: Front Track: One - 15 gram weights to provide multiple draw, neutral and fade settings Back Track: One - 10 gram weight adjusts for multiple high, medium and low launch and spin settings The revolutionary T-Track System gives golfers the option to personalize their M1 to their exact specifications, leading to optimal performance and distance to fit their swing.