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USS Somerset Crest Decal

Credits to eParks

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USS Somerset Crest Decal Review

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USS Somerset Crest Decal Description

One of three U.S. Navy ships dedicated to the memory of the passengers and crew of Flight 93, the USS Somerset is named after the Pennsylvania county in which the commercial airliner crashed on 9/11. The crest bears 40 stars for the 40 passengers and crew who died in the crash and honors their memory with the Latin motto, Virtus per Adversa, which means courage through adversity. The bald eagle represents the courage of the 40 crash victims.These are just a few of the symbols that make up this highly meaningful crest. Affix this decal in an open spot and echo this unique tribute to the heroes of Flight 93. Product DetailsDimensions: 3 3/4'' W x 4 7/8'' HMade in USA